Links Round-Up, June 25-29


Stockholm Text brings you the Scandinavian writing you crave, in e-book form

NYRB Lit is a new e-book imprint edited by Sue Halpern, with an emphasis on translation

Jen Hofer’s translation of Myriam Moscona’s Negro Marfil/Ivory Black has won the Harold Morton Landon Translation Award

Egyptian graphic novel Metro by Magdy El Shafee: available now in English, but still not in Egypt

Judith Landry has won the 2012 Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize for New Finnish Grammar by Diego Marani

US not publishing enough translations? Foreign publishers will do it

“Anti-poet” Nicanor Parra has won the 2012 Pablo Neruda Poetry Award



Cees Nooteboom talks with Bookworm‘s Michael Silverblatt about Self-Portrait of an Other, and translation in general

Mario Vargas Llosa on The Dream of the Celt–and all the novels and prizes and life that came before

In Time’s Rift translators Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick introduce Ernst Meister

Tim Parks on literary globalization, or the dangers of publishing in English

Whether you live in NYC or not, Publishing the World is a great resource for book professionals interested in translation

ANTIBOOKCLUB is new, and publishes translations. Why? It would be arrogant not to.

Ales Adamovich’s Khatyn–the new English edition, discussed by its editor

Elena Chizhova’s novel The Time of Women won the Russia Booker–now it’s translated, and she’s interviewed

Forward into the past: Lera Boroditsky shows how language changes the way we think



Lost, gained, and two duels in translation at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August

Tomorrow night (June 28) in NY: a staged reading of Chirping Hill by Austrian playwright Thomas Arzt, translated by Neil Blackadder


New Work

At Mixitini Matrix, “La Coupe Obscure” by Chantal Bizzini, translated by Marilyn Kallet

The Hangman’s Daughter returns in The Dark Monk, by Oliver Pötzsch (trans. Lee Chadeayne)

The writer in the city is like Blofeld, or Schödinger’s cat, or Blofeld’s cat. Tina Uebel, translated by Shelley Frisch.

The Paris Review has been running excerpts from Witold Gombrowicz’s Diary, just reissued in Lillian Vallee’s translation

Join “Team Max’s Tetanus Huevos” and enjoy Old Gus Eats, Polly Duff Bresnick’s visual mistranslation of The Odyssey



Daniela Hurezanu reviews Jaccottet and Jourdan, two quiet masters of French poetry, both translated by John Taylor

The Millions traces the maturation of Etgar Keret

Into the Snow–Sarah Valentine’s translations of Gennadi Aygi–reviewed by Jamie Olson at Berfrois

NY Times reviews 3 translated graphic novels (it’s the first 3–since the review doesn’t mention translation AT ALL)

Saramago’s Small Memories is “a necessary read,” says The Coffin Factory‘s blog O-Bits

An in-depth review of Best European Fiction 2012 at LiteralabPt 1Pt 2Pt 3 

Scott Esposito spans all five four dimensions of Clarice Lispector, in New Directions’ new translations

A serial killer? In Sweden?!? Detective Jamal Hamad, in Carin Gerhardsen’s The Gingerbread House, can’t believe it either

Behind the bright and blinding veneer of fiction, in Laurent Binet’s HHhH

Norman Manea’s “complex and challenging” novel The Lair reviewed at NY Times

Brandon Lussier follows the red threads to Anne Carson’s Antigonick


On Translation

Translator and author Suzanne Ruta, on what it was like when her book was translated into Italian

Butter, bacon, livestock, dung: Inside German idioms, at The California Journal of Poetics

Tim Smith-Laing, on translating Paul Valéry’s “Le Cimetière Marin”

You know them all too well, but here’s a reminder to pass on to others: The top 10 myths about translation

Lost without it: Margaret Sayers Peden on working as a translator, at the Margellos World Republic of Letters site

Russell Valentino offers a glimpse of what it’s like at the Banff International Literary Translation Centre



Harvill-Secker’s Young Translators’ Prize is for Chinese>English this year; enter by July 27th

Translator Margaret Jull Costa will present a workshop August 12th in San Francisco–apply now!

Do you translate Russian poetry? Enter for the Joseph Brodsky/Stephen Spender Prize by August 31st

Just a few more days to get cheap translations at Dalkey Archive’s summer sale


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