Links Roundup, June 18 – 22


Next week’s World Poetry Summit will cover translation, too!

Looks promising: Shearsman Books publishes Eduardo Milán (tr. John Oliver Simon, Patrick Madden & Steven Stewart).

Congratulations to Andrea Lingenfelter, translator of Zhai Yongming, for winning the NCBA in translation.



“Adhering to a translation ethos that favors creating vital original poems” Nicole Zdeb on Hoyt Rogers.

“Full of all the taboo restrictions of traditional Arabic society, namely sex and lust.” The Zafarani Files reviewed.

“A superb translation,” The Guardian on Peter Manson’s new Mallarmé work.

Further analysis of “HHhH.” Emma Garman on Laurent Binet.

“Cast[s] light on how we mistake the idea of the past for the past itself,” Jordan Anderson on “Prehistoric Times.”

Revisiting the Falklands War… The Independent reviews Carlos Gamerro’s “The Islands” (tr. Ian Barnett).

Still brilliant after all these years, Jessie Ferguson reviews Szirtes’ new translation of Krasznahorkai’s Satantango.

A fascinating study in the inter-poetic play between Chinese and English, Lucas Klein reviews “Yingelishi.”


Readings & Discussions

Check out a variety of great poems in Zapotec at the Poetry Translation Centre.

A fascinating look at collaborative translation, Nick Laird on translating Reza Mohammadi.

Some of John Oliver Simon’s Milán translations at TWO LINES.

Why should anyone ever read a book in translation? Let’s break it down…

Are some poets more translatable than others?

“Your cousin studied … French at university. That’s wonderful, but she is not the best person to translate your book.”

You’re expected to provide a justification of word choice & deviations in your translation. Just kidding, but what if?

A tantalizing excerpt of the forthcoming “The Alienist” by Machado de Assis, translated by ALTA’s own Matt Rowe!

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