Links Round-up 30 April–4 May


New owners will “shake up” translation publishing at Pushkin Press (PDF)

Satantango author László Krasznahorkai on terror, madness, vulgarity, and the latest music–interviewed at Guernica

This is not your father’s May Day: “slim, readable and funny” is the new face of Russian writing

Is it better to think in a foreign language? ¿Cómo? Pourquoi?



In Michigan, translator Arnie Johnston performs songs of Jacques Brel and others on Fri 4th & Tues 8th

Monkey Business is new writing from Japan–celebrate Issue 2 at Japan Night @ Joe’s Pub, NYC, May 6th

Superstars of translation gather for conference on “Pedagogies of Translation” Fri-Sat May 4-5 at Barnard College, NYC



The start of The End of the Story by Liliana Heker (tr. Andrea Labinger), at Biblioasis

Did you know there’s an online archive of lieder, art songs, and choral texts–with translations?

An online guide to contemporary German literature, from World Literature Today

The Spring issue of the online journal Ezra features translators Suzanne Jill Levine, Mark Statman, and several others

Ratapallax online issue 3 includes Armenian poetry, “Poems for Your Walkman,” and more from many poets and translators



“Fascinating and wonderful”: Angharad Price’s The Life of Rebecca Jones, translated from Welsh by Lloyd Jones

Jade Ladder is an anthology of contemporary Chinese poetry, just out from Bloodaxe

Franz Werfel’s Forty Days of Musa Dagh is finally available in a complete English translation



What exactly is Samko Tále’s Cemetery Book by Daniela Kapitáňová (tr. Julia Sherwood)? No one knows, least of all Samko

“Svetislav Basara is a genius.” Guess The Coffin Factory likes The Cyclist Conspiracy (tr. Randall Major)!

The dream state of the Middle East: Khoury’s As Though She Were Sleeping (tr. Marilyn Booth) has a “softer tone”

“A mad, hyperbolic performance”: John Self reads Bruno Jasieński’s I Burn Paris (tr. Gauger and Piekoszewski)

Cathedral construction: Mathematics:, the third branch of Roubaud’s Great Fire, translated by fellow Oulipian Ian Monk

Cases and clues: Perry Anderson looks into Carlo Ginzburg’s latest, Threads and Traces (tr. Anne and John Tedeschi)

An insightful review of National Translation Award winner Juan Gelman’s Public Letter, translated by Lisa Rose Bradford

“Churning stasis”: Steve Danziger reviews Tor Ulven’s Replacement (tr. Kerri Pierce) at The Coffin Factory

Small Beer’s anthology of Mexican fantastic fiction is among the reviews in the May/June World Literature Today

“A complete novel”: Andrés Neuman’s “dazzling” Traveler of the Century (tr. Caistor and Garcia) reviewed at Three Percent

The joys of Demolishing Nisard (Eric Chevillard, tr. Jordan Stump) explored at The Mookse and the Gripes


On Translation

Nick Caistor and Lorenza Garcia talk about translating Andrés Neuman’s Traveler of the Century

Katy Derbyshire considers what English readers think of German writing–and what Germans expect they’ll say

Is translation really appropriate for language learners? Why not, asks Jason Grunebaum at WWB

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