Links Round-up April 23-27


Lebanese novelist Elias Khoury (As Though She Were Sleeping, Archipelago Books) interviewed on Nevada Public Radio

The weight of reality: Norwegian novelist Karl Knausgaard on Anders Breivik and the attacks in Norway

The shocking murder of Mexican translator Guillermo Fernández García


Literary Translation in Practice“: conference at University of Salento, Lecce, May 10-11

A “Dream Bridge” between New York, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine, opening Friday April 27th at La MaMa in NYC

Gazan writing online–a “fractured web”? Gazan writers discuss at Columbia U, Tues April 24th at 7 pm

Hear and discuss Nescio, von Rezzori, and Serge with translators, in SF, NYC, and Boston


“a cure for the cold, punk rock, hangover and romanticism”: new poems by Zuzanna Ogorzewska, trans. with Marek Kazmierski

Laurent Binet’s HHhH has just been published in English–but were these pages left out?

Dostoyevsky writes from The Other World: Július Satinský (tr. Magdalena Mullek) in UCSD’s Alchemy journal

What makes French noir French? Sylvie Granotier, author of The Paris Lawyer, considers


Asymptote‘s April issue features translations of Etgar Keret, Marek Bieńczyk, Flávio de Araújo, erasure poems from Taiwan


“Don’t withhold my share of satisfaction”: Brandon Brown’s unconventional new translations of Catullus

The Changing Room: Lucas Klein reviews Zhai Yongming (tr. Andrea Lingenfelter) at Rain Taxi

Unsettling stories from a German criminal defense lawyer: von Schirach’s Guilt (tr. Janeway) reviewed in NYT

Pleasures and regrets of youth: The Rumpus reviews Nescio’s Amsterdam Stories (NYRB, trans. Damion Searls)

On Translation

Paper Republic‘s Eric Abrahamsen on the ups & downs of Chinese translation

Assassins in Love: Paul Vangelisti on learning poetry and translation from Donald Davie, Mohammed Dib, Adriano Spatola

Who are the “gatekeepers” of literary translation? A report from the London Book Fair

Translator Teia Maman has launched a new blog for literary translators from French into English

What is the place of translation in America’s changing publishing landscape?

Words Without Borders was at last week’s London Book Fair: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Now it comes to sausages! Jalees Rahman attempts to make sense of what Google Translate does with German idioms

What if the woman bringing your book into your mother tongue…is your mother? Jaspreet Singh, Granta (Thx Susan 4 link!)

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