Links Round-up, April 10–13


2012 International IMPAC DUBLIN Awards shortlist includes translations by Barbara Harshav and Alison Entrekin. Congrats!

Congratulations to translators Damion Searls and Richard Sieburth on their Guggenheim Fellowships!

BTBA Fiction finalists are 30% French, 20% New Directions, 20% Bill Johnston; Omnidawn is dark horse for Poetry.


Translation and the art of the book, in an exhibit opening April 12th at RIT

Theatrical Translation as Creative Process: a conference at UNC & Duke this weekend

Best Translated Book Award finalists announced April 10th! (What, no live streaming?)


“South Station” and beyond: read Jamie Olson’s translations of Irina Yevsa’s poetry in the latest issue of Anomalous

The Spring 2012 issue of New Books in German is out!


Is Knausgaard’s My Struggle too much of a good thing? Chris Bertram considers, at Crooked Timber

Deutsche Welle reviews Julya Rabinowich’s Splithead (tr Tess Lewis)

Micromanaging the reader’s attention: the Fiction Advocate on Toussaint’s Reticence

From everywhere or anywhere or nowhere“: Kirkus likes Kristín Ómarsdóttir’s Children (tr. Lytton Smith)

A founder of El Pais describes the future of journalism: Juan Luis Cebrián (tr. Eduardo Schmid) reviewed at Rain Taxi

On Translation

On Australian radio, American Jason Grunebaum discusses translating Hindi literature. (Doncha love the Internets?)

The challenges and pleasures of translating: an interview with Margaret B. Carson

Imagine the future of storytelling in a point-to-point, not a hub-and-spoke, world.” Anand Giridharadas in the Times

What’s in a name (or a title)? Translator Liz Harris describes the problem, at WWB.

Charlotte Ryland describes what’s exciting about reading new German writing


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