Links Round-Up, April 2-6


What’s “a database and social network for French books in translation”? Check out IF VERSO and see!

Read All About It: The latest headlines are … Robert Walser’s Microscripts?!


Translation fan in the Detroit area? Join Absinthe and Keith Taylor for a fundraiser on April 15th

New Work

The Wrinkle Maker” at Café Irreal: fiction by Marcel Béalu, translated by Edward Gauvin

Sex! Get it on with stories translated from French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian at Words Without Borders …and not just in Romance languages! WWB‘s April issue has stories about sex from Arabic and Hebrew, too.

Juan Pablo Villalobos on the frustrations of being a Mexican writer


Witness, translated by Louise Popkin, is the first comprehensive collection of Mario Benedetti’s poetry in English

Nothing of This is the poetry of Joanna Lech, translated by Marek Kazmierski—from England’s OFF_PRESS

René Daumal’s Pataphysical Essays, trans. Thomas Vosteen, out now from Wakefield Press!

Is translation a Deformation Zone? Joyelle McSweeney and Johannes Göransson find out in a new UDP Dossier

The FSG Book of Twentieth-Century Italian Poetry, edited by Geoffrey Brock

Samuel Charters’ classic translation of Tranströmer’s Baltics reissued by Tavern Books

Transfer Fat is “a haunting amalgamation” of Aase Berg’s poetry, newly translated by Johannes Göransson

Basil Bunting, known for his English poetry, also created “fresh and strong” translations from Persian–now collected


Amara Lakhous’s “frothy soap operaDivorce Islamic Style (trans. Ann Goldstein) gets a nod from Shelf Awareness

The L Magazine takes “Dutch courage” in a review of Nescio’s Amsterdam Stories (trans. Damion Searls)

Kim Sung-Hee’s Walking on a Washing Line, poems translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé & Lee Hyung-Jin, reviewed at WLT

36 shticks from Etgar Keret: The Coffin Factory reviews his new collection (trans. Nathan Englander and others)

PW loves François Barcelo’s I Hate Hockey–and its “excellent translation” by Peter McCambridge

“I fell in love with this book” says a Billy Fog reviewer. (It doesn’t matter that it’s translated.)

Step into the time machine to post-Soviet Ukraine, with Kurkov’s The General’s Thumb (tr. Bird), reviewed at WWB

On Translation

Tracking translation: Translator Samantha Schnee and poet Carmen Boullosa show their work on “Sleepless Homeland”


The journal translation is looking for website articles, ~1000 words

Publishers: The submission deadline for ALTA’s Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize is April 15th–next week!

Wave Books celebrates National Poetry Month with an open reading for manuscripts of poetry and poetry in translation

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