Links Roundup for March 26 – 30


Just published by the University of Nebraska Press, Melissa Marcus’ translation of Isabelle Eberhardt.

Deadline for panel proposals for the ALTA conference in Rochester is April 10; submit yours now!

Get ready for lunch with Argentine author Sergio Chejfec.

Why not spend a few days in June at a translation seminar in Barcelona?

ANOMALOUS PRESS is seeking translation entries (poetry, too) for its first chapbook contest.

There’s still time to apply for an ALTA Travel Fellowship.



Jim Zukowski reviews “Song of the Departed: Selected Poems of Georg Trakl” (tr. Robert Firmage).


Readings & Discussion

Translator Geoffrey Brock on poet Geoffrey Brock.

The use of the phrase “homophonic translation” alone qualifies this blog for a mention. The Waldrops would be proud!

Latin poets, astronomers …and A.E. Housman.

Translators’ note: Ilya Kaminsky and Jean Valentine on Marina Tsvetaeva.

“Translating a poem is like covering a song.”

The author insists, you must “try harder” when you translate him.

Versions of Rimbaud: Gaining a better understanding of the poet by comparing his translators.

“Why Bilinguals Are Smarter,” translators have known all along.

Filed under “Arguments in favor of literal translation.”

“More of a trespass than a translation.”

Christian Wiman talks about translating Osip Mandelstam.

A lively discussion… RT @atanet: Why Larry Summers is wrong about languages | Inside Higher Ed:

Tweeting in Hebrew – curious difficulties.

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