Links Round-Up March 12–16


A New American Haggadah for Pesach 5772

Three Percent is recapping all 25 nominees on the fiction longlist for the Best Translated Book Award

Finalists announced for the French-American Foundation’s Translation Prize

Booktrust (UK) has announced the longlist for the 2012 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize

The scandal of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s 6-volume novel/memoir My Struggle (v. 1 in May from Archipelago, tr. Don Bartlett)



Have lunch with Greek translator Peter Constantine, March 13th in San Francisco

The next Poetry Translation Centre translation workshop will focus on Brazil. It’s free and fun! And in London, on March 21st.



Translator Heather Cleary encounters the novels of Juan José Saer at Quarterly Conversation

Glorious Nemesis (Ladislav Klíma, tr. Marek Tomin): more classic Czech writing from Twisted Spoon

Adania Shibli’s latest, We Are All Equally Far From Love (tr Paul Starkey), reviewed at The Lebanon Daily Star

A “post-exotic” children’s book: In The Time of the Blue Ball by “Manuela Draeger” (tr. Brian Evenson)

Brooke Horvath reads Khairy Shalaby’s The Hashish Waiter (tr. Adam Talib) for Rain Taxi

Donna Stonecipher reviews Micrograms by Jorge Carrera Andrade (tr. Alejandro de Acosta and Joshua Beckman)

An Accident in August: Laurence Cossé reimagines Princess Diana’s death (tr. Alison Anderson)–reviewed at Belletrista

Out of nothing, poetry: The Coffin Factory reviews the latest by César Aira, Varamo (tr. Chris Andrews)


New Work

Eros and the Sacred“: a critical essay by Raúl Zurita translated by Clayton Eshleman

The Way to Juarez” by Rafael Pérez Gay (tr. Catherine Mansfield) at WWB

In Search of a Man for Friendship and Possibly More? It’s a story by Empar Moliner (tr. by Novia Pagone) at WLT Online

Benny Bean and the Magic Nectar“: a tale for children by Ervin Lázár (tr Andrea Németh-Newhauser), at Cerise Press

Jorge Volpi on being bystanders to the Mexican drug war, at WWB (tr. Daniel Hahn)

New from The Word Works: Moshe Dor’s Scorched by the Sun, translated by Barbara Goldberg

The Poems in Verse: Peter Manson presents a new translation of Stéphane Mallarmé’s less visual (and visible) side


On Translation

Translation editor Briony Everroad considers the role of maps in translation

Listen here! The Center for Writers and Translators at the American University of Paris has an audio page

“Buenos Aires, the Suburbs, and the Pampas”: Pablo Calvi discusses the settings of Argentinian literature, at WLT online

For the young and weird: translator Edward Gauvin describes Guillaume Bianco’s Billy Fog and the Gift of Trouble Sight

Joseph Mulligan describes the difficulty of translating a single sentence by César Vallejo



Translators, don’t forget to propose panels for this fall’s ALTA conference in Rochester, New York!

New translators–apply for an ALTA Travel Fellowship and join us in Rochester in October

Translation publishers! Submissions for the National Translation Award have been extended to April 1st

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