Links Roundup, March 5 – 9


Forthcoming from Toad Press: Ioan Flora’s THE FLYING HEAD (tr. Adam J. Sorkin & Elena Borta); Eduardo Milán: POEMS (tr. Leora Fridman).

Online Registration is Now Open – 2012 LTTC International Conference: The Making of a Translator.

2012 ALTA Travel Fellowship Awards!

Modern Poetry in Translation announces its competition winners.

The Soeurette Diehl Fraser Award (Texas Institute of Letters) will go to a Host Publications translator.

Haruki Murakami’s “1Q84” translators, Jay Rubin & J. Philip Gabriel, will talk collaboration, Japanese, and more.

Readings & Discussion

The BBC outlines the persisting inferiority of machines when it comes to translation (hilarity sometimes ensues).

Fairytales lost, then found… and just waiting to be translated.

How much credit should the translator get? One translator’s thoughts on the matter.

Fantastic interview with Edith Grossman (thanks @atanet)

Five Microfictions by Edmundo Paz Soldán (tr. Kirk Nesset) at The Quarterly Conversation.

Audio: The translated poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva, and more!

Rilke translator Ian Crockatt gives us a taste of his process(es).

Giving Pound, the translator, his due.

Poetry by José-Flore Tappy (tr. John Taylor) in the March edition of TWO LINES online.

Poetry’s translation issue is out, check it out online:

A Clarice Lispector Roundtable, at the Quarterly Conversation.


A fascinating review of a fascinating book: Donna Stonecipher on Jorge Carrera Andrade’s “Micrograms.”

Nicholas Lezard has a little something to say about French lit.

María Helga Guðmundsdóttir reviews Icelander Sjón’s “From the Mouth of the Whale” (tr. Victoria Cribb).

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