Links round-up Feb 20–24


He re-rendered Perec’s e-less text. Then, December, he left. We never knew. Be ever well, Gilbert Adair.

Check out the new translation-studies journal, translation!



So Independent“: Bulgarian indie films, tonight through Saturday in NYC

The New Russian Literature“: readings and discussion at Bard College tonight (Monday), in Boston on Wednesday



Dubravka Ugrešić shows a “mash-up” sensibility in Karaoke Culture (tr. David Williams), says Steve Street

Words are spiteful and tenacious“–hence Krzhizhanovsky’s The Letter Killers Club (tr. Turnbull)

The American Prospect is shocked! shocked! at what’s in the new Kama Sutra translation.

Waggish says Gregor von Rezzori’s An Ermine in Czernopol (tr. Philip Boehm) is “a very significant achievement

Translator Anna Aslanyan revisits the theory of prose in Shklovsky’s Bowstring (tr. Avagyan), at 3:AM Magazine

Ludovic Debeurme’s Lucille (tr. Edward Gauvin) “strikes a perfect balance … between narrative and visual storytelling”

An invisible window“: Jenny Hendrix reads João Almino’s The Book of Emotions (tr. Elizabeth Jackson) for Bookforum

On NPR, Amy Waldman puzzles over the “powerful hold” of Gerbrand Bakker’s The Twin (tr. David Colmer, Archipelago)

California Journal of Poetics considers Martin Woodside’s anthology of Romanian poetry, Of Gentle Wolves

Piotr Florczyk reviews Andrzej Stasiuk’s travels, translated by Michael Kandel, at the LA Review of Books

A quite appallingly painful book“: Daša Drndić’s Trieste, translated by Ellen Elias-Bursac, according to A.N. Wilson

House of the Fortunate Buddhas–João Ubaldo Ribeiro, trans. Clifford Landers, reviewed at Rain Taxi


New Work

We Are All Equally Far from Love is Adania Shibli’s new novel, translated from the Arabic by Paul Starkey

New at eXchanges, U of Iowa’s journal of literary translation: works from German, Hebrew, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian

Classic Czech surrealism: “The Ever-Shrinking World” of Jindřich Štyrský (tr. Jed Slast), from Twisted Spoon

Alex Epstein’s new book is on Facebook! And Jessica Cohen’s translation is too!

Adania Shibli writes about her experience of “East-West Dialogue” at the Kenyon Review (tr. Suneela Mubayi)


On Translation

Can a translation be better than the original? Discuss.

Jacob Edmond, author of A Common Strangeness, has a new blog on cross-cultural poetics

Russian translator Jamie Olson recaps the 2011 ALTA conference in Kansas City

In Minsk with Valzhyna Mort, at Words Without Borders



Don’t hate, translate! There’s a Facebook fan club for Lawrence Venuti!

Call for Panels: ALTA 2012 in Rochester NY!

So close! Help WWB produce an issue on the Mexican Drug War–pledge at Kickstarter by 9:30 am EST

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