Links Round-up, Jan 30 – Feb 3


Polish poet and Nobel laureate Wisława Szymborska has died, age 88

An appreciation of Siamese author Stig Sæterbakken

Welcome translation publisher Host Publications back to Austin–and to Facebook and Twitter!


Fesitval Neue Literatur is Feb 10-12 in NYC; download the Reader (PDF) for previews

Next Weds 2/8, NYC Center for Fiction welcomes German translator Burton Pike, with Gerhard Meier’s Isle of the Dead


The review as unsent letter: Notes on Krzhizhanovsky’s Letter Killers Club (tr. Turnbull & Formozov)

Drago Jančar’s The Galley Slave (tr. Michael Biggins) reviewed at The Irish Times

The impact of The Arabian Nights, in new books by Marina Warner and Robert Irwin, at the Literary Review

A single sentence: Delius’ Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman (tr Bulloch) reviewed at The Coffin Factory

At the Poetry Foundation, Alice Gregory makes “perfect but eccentric sense” of Raymond Roussel

Nádas, Kosztolányi, Jaccottet, Fourier, Epstein, Fontane…: all reviewed in the latest Review of Contemporary Fiction

More RCF reviews: translations of Krzhizanovsky, Bachmann/Celan, Sebastian, Albahari, …

Particles of Truth: Paul Stubbs of The Black Herald on the poetry of Jacques Dupin, translated by John Taylor

Among the classics of 20th-century literature“: Gregor von Rezzori’s An Ermine in Czernopol (tr. Philip Boehm)

Robert Walser’s Berlin Stories (tr. Susan Bernofsky) seduce Intelligent Life


New Work

In February’s Words Without Borders: Graphic Novels, plus Vénus Khoury-Ghata translated by Marilyn Hacker

Now downloadable online: “Murakami Madness” with Jane Curtin, Isaac Mizrahi, Parker Posey, and more

A book “every woman should read,” coming soon from Le French Book

Driven backwards into the storm: from Abdourahman A. Waberi’s Passage of Tears (tr. David & Nicole Ball, Seagull Books)

The German Book Office’s Book of the Month is Jan-Philipp Sendker’s The Art of Hearing Heartbeats (tr. Kevin Wiliarty)


On Translation

Over at Intralingo, a translator blogs about how he translated Québec hockey fiction for a Canadian audience

What if we read each other? The importance of translation within India

Piracy as (not of) translation? The manga scene in France



Translators can write too: start a “Conversation Across Borders” with another writer, courtesy of the CAB journal

CFP for MLA 2013: Recovering lostness–“Translation Unbound” in 20C German literature


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