Links Roundup, January 23 – 27

Translation Reviews

George Szirtes’ forthcoming translation of László Krasznahorkai’s “Satantango” reviewed in The New Inquiry.


Compass Translation Award: 2012 – Marina Tsvetaeva Competition. Deadline for entries is June 25.

2012 Susan Sontag Prize for Translation, deadline for entries is March 9.

Still time to enter the Modern Poetry in Translation competition! (Deadline: Feb. 1st.)

Obituary: Pearse Hutchinson, influential Irish poet and translator.

Very cool project: Language Activists | Endangered Language & Poetry in Mexico @Kickstarter @yearofpoetry

Use your language, Use your English looks like an impressive summer school and free online program

PoetryTranslate looking for a #Persian speaker to work with in the runup to Persian Poets’ Tour


The foreign rights question tackled at Intralingo.

Why would Ashbery translate Rimbaud? via @PoetryFound

For #translationthurs, an interesting exercise in collaborative/workshop translation from Modern Poetry in Translation.

Exploring the vast (and sometimes unusual) possibilities of translation through Anglo-Saxon poetry.

Translator William Carlos Williams via @PoetryFound via @uebersetzbar

Some thoughts on “the rules” of translation:

In the Chronicle of Higher Ed.: “Why so many Iliads?” and “How to choose between them?”

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