Links Round-up January 20

Calls for Proposals

Art in Translation, a 2012 event by the University of Iceland and the Nordic House. Deadline Jan 31.

Canada in Latin America – Tracing the Effects of Transfer through Translation.

Books in Translation News

Excerpt from Taiwanese lesbian cult classic “Notes of a Crocodile” by the late, beloved Qiu Miaojin translated by Bonnie Huie.

In Pakistan, a national literature struggles to be born.

A Q & A with Norwegian author Per Petterson from The Economist’s Prospero blog.

A profile of Humphrey Davies, translator of Arabic literature in Al-Ahram Weekly.

Publishing News & Journals

Transcript Review is a literary magazine devoted to smaller languages.

Asymptote’s January 2012 issue is out!

Reading the World Podcast #10 with Edith Grossman

Conferences, Workshops & Courses

The faculty and students in literary translation at the University of East Anglia have a blog of their own.

The 92Y’s #Poetry Center is hosting a class on #translation with Edith Grossman. Class starts Feb 16.

Prizes & Awards

Khaled Mattawa has won the 2011 Saif Ghobash-Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation.

ALTA is accepting nominations for the $5,000 National Translation Award.

Literary Translators’ Association of Canada accepting submissions for the CA$1,000 Glassco Literary Translation Prize.

Three Percent previews the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature.

Articles & Discussions of Interest

IberoSphere asks Isn’t it about time the English-speaking world woke up to the Spanish literature of the last 75 years?

The Intralingo blog wonders when a translation is ever finished.

A literary translator looks at how he spends his time.

Six Essential Tips for Literary Translators from the Intralingo blog.

Jeromobot wants to know what we love most about being translators.

The Turkish Association of Literary Translators condemns the arrests of intellectuals and intimidation in Turkey

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