Links Roundup Jan 9-13

Translation Reviews

Russian-lit blogger “Lizok” reviews translations too: Patrick Ouředník’s Case Closed (tr. Alex Zucker, Dalkey Archive)

Steven Kellman reviews Monzó’s Guadalajara (tr. Bush, Open Letter) in American Book Review

Dark and Light: Monica Carter reviews Inka Parei’s The Shadow-Boxing Woman (tr. Kate Derbyshire) at Three Percent

Berk in a bar: Slovenian WWII novel Minuet for Guitar (Vitomil Zupan, tr. Harry Leeming) is reviewed at WSJ

Ugrešić’s Karaoke Culture reviewed at The Salt Lake Tribune

Libyan revolutions, past and present, echo in Ahmed Ibrahim Fagih’s Homeless Rats (tr. Sorayya Allam)

The Coffin Factory looks at Houellebecq’s The Map and the Territory (tr. Bowd)


The Translator’s Perspective

Scott Esposito has six questions for Margaret B. Carson, translator of Sergio Chejfec’s My Two Worlds

At the Black Balloon blog, Mr. Fee compares translations of Murakami’s Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and 1Q84

Erica Mena discusses translating the classic Argentinian graphic novel The Eternonaut (at WWB)

Translator Rosalind Harvey interviews Juan Pablo Villalobos, author of Guardian First Book nominee Down the Rabbit Hole


Works in Translation

Seven dreams in three languages, by Feliciano Sánchez Chan (tr. Jonathan Harrington) at World Literature Today online

Clayton Eshleman reads his new translations of Aimé Césaire

“Books Burn,” reminds Michael Krüger (tr. Mike Mitchell) in a new piece posted at Seagull Books

For the very first time? An excerpt from Lodewijk van Oord’s “Thesmophoria” (tr. Paul Vincent) at the Absinthe blog

“Hipness at Noon”: the late, great Josef Škvorecký considers jazz as a form of dissent


Publishing and World Literature News

Coming soon: Le French Book, bringing you the popular contemporary writing other publishers have missed

Finnegan’s List: Great new work recommended for translation by great contemporary authors. What’s not to like?

Clare Sullivan on the state of Zapotec poetry

“Russia’s best-kept literary secret” is finally making it into English

10 Top (not Top 10) Japanese authors 2000-2010 according to WLT. How many have you read?


Calls and Opportunities

Italian translators may now apply for residencies at the Casa delle Traduzioni in Rome!

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