Links Round-Up July 29

New Reading

  1. @open_letter has the scoop on “Counterfeits,” the forthcoming issue of two lines from @CATranslation:
  2. More Brazil! A double issue of Ellipse, feat. Brazilian literature published alongside a French or English translation:
  3. Aldus is a new but well-connected translation journal, edited by a former Open Letter intern. Fiirst issue out now:
  4. Forthcoming in September from Europa Editions: Laurence Cossé’s “An Accident in August,” trans. Alison Anderson:
  5. August’s European Book Club: Jonas Hassen Khemiri’s “Montecore: The Silence of the Tiger,” trans. Rachel Willson-Broyles:
  6. Poems by Tedi López Mills, trans. Wendy Burk, published in Brooklyn Rail’s “In Translation”:
  7. New book announcement! Jiří Levý’s “The Art of Translation,” trans. Patrick Corness, available in English in Oct ’11:


  1. Verlaine’s POEMS UNDER SATURN (trans. Karl Kirchwey) & Rimbaud’s ILLUMINATIONS (trans. John Ashbery) reviewed in TLS:
  2. Cees Nooteboom’s “The Foxes Come at Night,” trans. Ina Rilke, reviewed in The Guardian: #translation
  3. Gregor von Rezzori’s “The Ermine of Czernopol, ” trans. Philip Boehm, reviewed at Three Percent:


  1. Amongst other things, Antonio Lobo Antunes discusses Margaret Jull Costa’s #translation of his work at @parisreview


  1. $1, 730 000 promised to publishing houses that translate, publish & promote Brazilian literature abroad from now – 2013.
  2. India: “translators too can demand equal rights: 10 per cent royalty & a book launch with canapés & cocktails to boot.”

About Erica Mena

Erica Mena is a Puerto Rican poet, translator, and book artist. Pronouns: they/them.
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