Call for Proposals: Translation Theory (panel), NEMLA

Call for proposals: Translation Theory (panel), NEMLA
March 15-18, 2012
Rochester, NY, USA
As the field of translation studies has gained visibility in the academic world, numerous panels and roundtables have appeared on various aspects of translation pedagogy, professional development, academic concerns, and case studies. In the past years, NeMLA has shown itself to be a particularly friendly venue for such discussions, hosting panels and roundtables not only within comparative studies but also within the various area units. Building on this momentum and interest, this panel requests papers on any aspect of translation theory. Possible areas of investigation may include gender, postcolonialism, migration, semiotics, new media, historical studies, cognitive linguistics, sociology, and ethics, but are certainly not limited to these. Papers may propose case studies to be investigated in order to promote specific theoretical frameworks or interpretations, but should not focus solely on the case studies themselves. Proposals should demonstrate a familiarity with existing research in translation theory, either positioning the papers with respect to the many theoretical frameworks available or marking the breaks from those frameworks.
300-word abstracts in English should be sent to Anna Strowe (astrowe AT complit DOT umass DOT edu) by September 30, 2011. Include with your abstract your name and affiliation, email address, and A/V needs.

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