Links Round-up, Feb 11

New Reading

  1. Conversational Reading’s Spring Big Read book chosen! Life A User’s Manual by Georges Perec in Bellos’ translation:
  2. New book: The Power of the Pen: Translation & Censorship in Nineteenth-Century Europe:
  3. New book: Translating Women:
  4. The Last Ring-Bearer, “a re-thinking of Tolkien’s story in real-world terms,” by Russian scientist Kirill Yeskov and trans. by “YMarkov” here:
  5. February WWB: International Graphic Novels Volume 5:
  6. Excerpts from Becka Mara McKay’s translation of Alex Epstein’s new collection in the new Kenyon Review Online

Reviews & Commentary

  1. A Booktrust review of Götz and Meyer by David Albahari, translated from the Serbian by Ellen Elias-Bursać:
  2. Ingrid Winterbach’s To Hell with Cronjé, translated from the Afrikaans by Elsa Silke, reviewed at Bookslut:
  3. Tehran’s literati conducting a review session on the Persian translation of Turkish bestseller The Missing Rose:
  4. Review of Nathacha Appanah’s The Last Brother trans. Geoffrey Strachan on WWB:
  5. Bookslut discusses Jean-Christophe Valtat, Mathias Énard, and literature in translation:
  6. Women & publishing, women & translation, publishing women in translation:
  7. The final part of director Nurith Aviv’s trilogy on language & linguistics focuses on #translation:
  8. Albanian writer & Nobel nominee Ismail Kadaré talks national literature, French existentialists, & process @parisreview:
  9. George Szirtes reports on Ali Smith’s 2011 Sebald Lecture, entitled “Loosed in Translation,” which she gave last Monday:


  1. Toad Press to publish translations by Mark Terrill & Anna Rosen Guercio in International Chapbook Series this summer:
  2. Belgium, France, & Lebanon establishing Doctoral Commission for Literature, Translation & Linguistics in the Middle East:
  3. Words Without Borders seeking funding for their Afghanistan issue. Can you help?
  4. An interview with Jeff Belle of Amazon’s translation imprint, Amazon Crossing, at Publishing Perspectives:


  1. Humphrey Davies is the winner of the 2010 Saif Ghobash – Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation:
  2. ALTA’s Gary Racz spent 6 weeks translating 12 lines, but won ATA’s Alicia Gordon Award for Word Artistry in Translation:
  3. The Goethe Institute publishes every single title submitted for this year’s Wolff Translator’s Prize from the German:


  1. Creative writing roundtables (in Spanish) with seven of @GrantaMag’s young Spanish language novelists, 02/10 in NYC:
  2. Translator and @nplusonemag editor Keith Gessen hosts Russian Tales, Classic & New at NYC’s Symphony Space on 02/16:

Calls and Opportunities

  1. Call for papers: MTM. Minor Translating Major – Major Translating Minor – Minor Translating Minor:
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