Call for Papers: Intratextual Voices in Translation

CALL FOR PAPERS Intratextual Voices in Translation: Concepts, Discourses
and Practices/
APPEL DE COMMUNICATIONS La Traduction des voix intra-textuelles:
concepts, discours et pratiques
March 14-15, 2011, Paris VIe, France

The International Research Group on Voice in Translation is organising a
conference on “Intratextual Voices in Translation: concepts, discourse
and practice” to be held on March 14-15, 2011 at the Maison Suger,
Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme, 16- 18 Suger, Paris VIe,
France. Voice in Translation brings together scholars to explore through
empirical research how concept(s) of voice in Translation Studies can
provide new insights and new connections between such presently
disparate concepts as authorial style, translator style, characters’
speech, re-translation, self-translation, publishers’ cuts, plagiarism,
and intertextuality. A text is a constellation of interacting ‘voices’
some of which are easy to detect whereas others are more complicated to
differentiate. This conference aims at exploring how polyphony,
narrative perspective, focalization and discursive identity function in
translated texts, with the aim of achieving a better understanding of
how concept(s) of voice are, and may be used, in Translation Studies.

Possible Topics for Papers:
•    characters’ voices in individual texts or generic corpora •    the
voice of the translator in translated texts (the implied translator)
•    translator style •    authorial style •    the voice of the
retranslator •    reported discourse in translated texts as compared to
the source texts •    voices in dubbings and subtitles •    voices from
other texts (intertextuality) in translated texts •    gendered voices
•    ideologically transformed voices in e.g. post-colonial or hybrid
texts •    muted voices

We invite proposals for papers (20 minutes plus 10 minutes for
discussion) in either English or French (for papers in French, please
provide an abstract or handouts in English). The conference is part of a
series of conferences planned by Voice in Translation to develop a broad
framework of translation analysis around the notion of voice. The series
continues with a conference on Para-textual Voices in Translation to
take place in Copenhagen in November 2011 and a conference on Gendered
Voices in Translation planned for Paris in March 2012.

Please send an abstract (200-250 words) of your paper before January 23,
2011 to Agnes Whitfield (, Department of English, York
University (Toronto, Canada). Notices of acceptance will be sent by
February14, 2011. The Conference programme and other useful information
will be posted at the website of the research group:

Scientific Committee:
Cecilia Alvstad, Department of Literature, Area Studies and European
Languages, University of Oslo; Institute for Interpretation and
Translation Studies, Stockholm University; Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov,
Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki, Finland; Jeroen
Vandaele, Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages,
University of Oslo; Agnes Whitfield, Department of English, York
University, Toronto, Canada.


About Erica Mena

Erica Mena is a Puerto Rican poet, translator, and book artist. Pronouns: they/them.
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