Links Round-Up Aug 5-9

New short fiction by Cesar Aira in translation by Alfred Mac Adam

Words Without Borders’ August issue is here, with a focus on Brazil

A powerful poem by Kiril Medvedev in translation by Keith Gessen with Isabel Lane

A poignant discussion of bilingualism

A commercial translator’s perspective on her foray into literary translation

A poetry portfolio by Yolanda Castano, multiple translators

The depths and heights of translating (and interpreting).

Is it part of the professional translator’s role to act as cultural ambassador? Food for thought

Ilya Kaminsky interviews Ghassan Zaqtan & his translator Fady Joudah on the Poetry Foundation’s podcast

Esther Allen & Susan Bernofsky Eds. of the new collection “In Translation” tackle all kinds of fascinating topics

Slavic language translator Will Firth sees himself as more of a philologist

Basim al-Ansar discusses Iraqi and Arabic poetry, and poetry’s global elite audience

Chad W. Post says Joao Almino’s “Book of Emotions” is your prototypical Dalkey Archive book-but we like DA don’t we?

The Complete Review assesses Pedro Mairal’s “The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra,” New Vessel Press’ first release

Natsuo Kirino retells Japan’s creation myth from the woman’s perspective in “The Goddess Chronicle,” translated by Rebecca Copeland

Goliarda Sapienza’s tome “The Art of Joy” now available in English translation by Anne Milano Appel

“While one could place this under the subgenre of fiction about the [Colombian] War on Drugs, [Juan Gabriel Vasquez's] ‘The Sound of Things Falling’ would be a peculiar entry” for its relative lack of violence

News and Announcements
PEN International announces the longlist for the inaugural New Voices award

Sobering news from the Brazilian publishing industry

Don’t forget to send us your announcements for the ALTA Newsletter due Aug 15th!

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Links Round Up 7/29-8/2


When time comes, it opens its house/and is reborn into the world. -Burma poet, Wawn Awng

“I see translating as a sort of ‘confined freedom’ or ‘free confinement’” -Giovanna Scocchera on translating

A little history of translation

Not a lot of good news for Polish publishers. Read about the challenges here

What do you learn from studying translation? BJ Epstein mulls it over.

“If I/had/wings./That would/be a poem.” -Tin Moe

Spotlight on Italian translator Anne Milano Appel!

“You try hard and you listen but in the end we’re all mostly capable of being exactly who we are” –Nathan Deul

Read about late Burmese poet Tin Moe’s exile and his beautiful, haunting poems, too.


Now out in English, “Borges the Professor,” translated by Katherine Silver

Read about Adam Thirlwell’s interesting “Multiples,” a project to put literary style to the test.


Want to be a translator in residence for at Free Word Centre? Apply now!

The Andika Prize, a new English-Language writing prize in Burundi, will accept submissions until 15 October 2013





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Links Roundup, July 22 – 26


Announcing the winner of the 2012 Found in Translation Award… Antonia Lloyd-Jones.

Announcing the recipients of the PEN/Heim Translation Fund…

And, the recipients of the 2013 NEA Translation Fellowships have been announced…

The John Dryden Translation Competition is now open and accepting entries.

The July issue of Asymptote… incomparable, as always.

“The Nexus of Translation,” registration is now open for the 2013 ALTA annual conference.



“This project can be read as a book about ‘translation’ itself,” on Lisa Rose Bradford’s translation of Juan Gelman.

“Professor Borges is a translation of extemporised lectures, and this is how it reads.” Ouch. Still looks interesting.

“…translator Rebecca Copeland did everything right…” Hannah Vose reviews The Goddess Chronicle.

“Wenguans Huang’s translation of For a Song and a Hundred Songs brings a new voice and story to a larger tradition.”


Readings & Discussions

“And it’s true that the thing was to be or not to be. / But also / to be capable or incapable.”

“I am constantly on the lookout for authors whose books I would like to translate” -Julia Sherwood

What must the translator consider when working with self-published authors?

Marguerite Duras’ L’amour is out this month from Open Letter Books; whet your appetite with this excerpt in Guernica.

Arabic Literature (in English) has a bit more info on one of the NEA grant recipients, Mohammed A. Albakry.

Are some translations “erasing the Arabic” from the original?

Amalia Gladhart on translation…

“We all need more visibility,” Cristina Vezzaro discusses her fantastic website, “Authors & Translators.”

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Links Round-Up July 15-19


“It keeps to the confines of dark waters.” – Giampiero Neri

Read an excerpt from Juan José Saer’s forthcoming novel “La Grande”

Are you paying attention to shifts in the English language (including, ugh, more “got” & passive voice!)?

Long commute home or slow day at the office? Poetry translation podcasts to the rescue!

Summer travelers: A literary guide to Spain!

“we carried on sliding the whole day and nothing/kept us” – Marije Langelaar

“The Lament,” no… “The Wail,”…no “The Tattered Cloak!” On titling works in translation, translator Marian Schwartz

“she felt as if she had long been waiting for this day” – Wakako Kaku’s “Ogre Inside”

WWB interview with Patricio Pron and his less than sparkling views of Madrid

See the latest poems from Poetry Translation Centre’s workshops

“The nausea and depression to which I awoke each morning led me at once into the world I intended to describe.” -Imre Kertész, Paris Review

Donal McLaughlin: “Books are a bit like buses sometimes. You wait and wait, then they all come at once!”


The winner of the 2013 Caine Prize for African Writing has been announced!

Palestinian poet Ghassan Zaqtan is one of nine candidates for the prestigious Neustadt Prize.

BookExpo America’s Global Market Focus on translation!


Webflakes! Translators needed to translate international bloggers posts on wine, food, fashion, design, & architecture

Wales Literature Exchange contest: translate 3 poems from Spanish to English or Welsh. Hurry, deadline is July 22!

Lemon Hound announces its first poetry contest. $750 cash prize, deadline November 15


Review of “Trafalgar” by Angélica Gorodischer, a book full of wild tales, digression and lots of coffee drinking

Two articles on Jacques Ranciere’s Aisthesis, recently published in English.

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Links Round-Up Jul 8-12

Interviews & Discussions

Intralingo spotlights Richard Jeffrey Newman, who translates classical Persian poetry using English translations
A comprehensive and optimistic assessment of translation efforts in the Arab world
A tremendous interview with Karl Ove Knausgaard on his work that “[pushes] the novel almost to the edge of unreadability, where it turns out to be addicting and hypnotic
An interesting resource for those confronted with the challenge of translating racial slurs
Cesar Aira on professionalism, perfection, and innovation in the novel
Rowan Ricardo Phillips writes about translating the Catalan poet Salvador Espriu on the centennial of his birth
Marc Vincenz discusses Swiss literature and the challenge of translating German compound words
Rafael Franco-Steeves reintroduces a delightful and neglected classic by Manuel Abreu Adorno, “And the Hippies Came”
“Ben Barka Lane”: a portrait of a Moroccan coastal town in the pivotal summer of 1965 and…romantic murder-mystery with larger-than-life characters
A pretty cool story collection, based on a translation game
A timely and thoughtful review of Liao Yiwu’s memoir, “For a Song and a Hundred Songs”
For those of you who have never read Marguerite Duras, the strange and absorbing “L’Amour” is an invigorating place to start
An interesting review of Bolano’s collected poems, translated by Laura Healy
If you like Calvino, Borges, and Auster, chances are you’ll like Patrice Martin’s “Kafka’s Hat” translated by Chantal Bilodeau
Russian translators sought for religious studies journal
“I’m turning half alien:/to my eyes now”
“Celan Reads Japanese,” a fascinating discussion of “translatablity” by Yoko Tawada in translation by Susan Bernofsky
For Korean translators, the summer issue of LIST-Books from Korea is now available
An exhilarating portrait of Jean Genet in Spain by Juan Goytisolo, in translation by Peter Bush
You may be surprised to learn that Amazon is the largest publisher of translated literature in the US
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Russian Translators Sought for Religious Studies Journal

Dear Colleagues,

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration seeks Russian translators and proofreaders for a new online English edition of their interdisciplinary religious studies quarterly. The journal is largely theoretical (with quite a bit of historical material as well): Gosudarstvo, religiia, Tserkov’ v Rossii i za rubezhom (<>). The English language edition will be published twice yearly, with the first issue scheduled for the end of this calendar year, and will include translations of a selection of the best articles.

Translators should be native English speakers (or have demonstrated equivalent fluency) with excellent knowledge of Russian. Proofreaders should be native English speakers (or have demonstrated equivalent fluency). Both translators and proofreaders will be financially compensated. If you are interested in either role (for the current issue or potentially for future issues), contact Chris Stroop at
[], and feel free to pass on this information to anyone who may be interested.

Christopher Stroop
PhD, History and Humanities, Stanford University
Senior Lecturer
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Prospekt Vernadskogo 82, Moscow, Russia<;>

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Links Round-Up Jul 1-5

Readings & Reviews

Understanding the mechanics of translation… via Don Quixote.

Some great translations – and more – in the newest issue of Big Bridge.

Available now, Words Without Borders’ July issue: Iran’s Postrevolution Generation.

“The translation is remarkable and adroit.” Fiona Sze-Lorrain on Milo De Angelis’s Theme of Farewell and After-Poems


“I never feel I’m translating an author. I’m always working on a book, from a book. Actually on words, with words.”

Fascinating interview with Nadeem Aslam on how being multilingual enters into the writing process, and the corruption of language

“Enviable symmetry: my migraine.” Spanish translator Ronald Christ discusses current projects and translation rituals

News & Events

Palestinian novelist Sahar Khalifeh has won the Mohamed Zafzaf Prize for Arabic Literature.

Tickets are now on sale for English PEN’s International Translation Day in London


Translators’ House Wales challenges you to translate three Cuban poems.
The Harvill Secker Young Translators’ Prize… this time around, Portuguese.
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