Links Round-Up Oct 7-11


Daniel Canty’s “Wigrum,” a novel of form, poses interesting challenges for the translator and reader

News & Readings

The Syrian publishing industry is unsurprisingly another victim of the present war

How can you tell when translation is done well without the original? Elizabeth Harris discusses

Fantastical parables by Edmundo Paz Soldan in translation by Kirk Nesset

A little tease from Ioso Havilio’s “Paradises” in translation by Beth Fowler at BODY

Haidar Haidar’s “A Banquet for Seaweed” finally coming to English readers

“The landscape isn’t innocent; it is down-soft, ripe and cleft.” -Antonio Machado/Daniel Evans Pritchard


Ambar Past discusses the state of poetry in Spanish, english, Tsotsil, translation, even digital

Stefan Tobler of And Other Stories press assesses the current realities of publishing literature in translation

Daniel Mendelsohn & Dana Stevens talk about the qualities that make a good contemporary translation, with examples from Homer

Claire Armistead & Daniel Hahn discuss the relationship between translators & reviewers

Opportunities & Events

Literary Translation Conference in the South of France next summer.

Reunion the Dallas Review is now accepting submissions through December 15th

Festival de la Palabra: events for the calendars of Spanish speakers/translators

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Links Round-Up Sep 16-20

Readings & Reviews

A “mimodrama” for your morning by Albert Camus in translation by Ryan Bloom

A novella by Tahar Ben Jelloun translated from the French by Dr. Rita Nezami in this week’s New Yorker

Zang Di’s tribute to Seamus Heaney, translated from the Chinese by Eleanor Goodman

A complex novel by Carlos Rojas in translation by Edith Grossman treats Lorca’s last days


Interviews & Resources 

Roger Greenwald demystifies rights, royalties, and contracts for translators as they pertain to ebooks

Roger Greenwald on rights, contracts, and e-books part 2

Juan Gabriel Vasquez talks about the city that inspired his recent acclaimed novel “The Sound of Things Falling”

“Translation is similar to journalism in that you are entering other people’s worlds and trying to make sense of them in your own language.” -Nick Caistor

An excellent interview with Argentine writer Patricio Pron on the diversity of influences in Latin American literature and his own work

Wonderful interview with Goncalo M. Tavares by Pedro Sena Nunes

Juan Pablo Villalobos discusses the challenges of translation among other topics in this podcast


Events & Announcements

Don’t miss this stellar symposium hosted by Susan Bernofsky & Esther Allen featuring contributors to their recent book next Friday 9/27

Nancy Naomi Carlson (French), Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak (Persian), Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka (Polish), Yvette Neisser Moreno (Spanish), and Katherine E. Young (Russian) to present poetry in translation at Washington D.C. panel event.

A new publishing house aims to bring translations from Arabic and Kurdish to the U.S.



The Americas Latino Book Awards is still accepting submissions of books published between 2011-2013 in English or Spanish through October 1

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Links Round-Up Aug 26-Aug 30

Readings & Discussion

Juliet Winters Carpenter’s translation of the Japanese folktale “The Bamboo Cutter” is beautifully illustrated here-don’t miss her interview

Lisa Carter offers good advice to those beginning a career in literary translation

An amusing takedown of some translation myths

The latest issue of The Battersea Review is here with a plethora of poetry in translation & brilliant criticism

“in Lorca’s poetry death is not the result or the end of living but, like sex, an act in itself, almost in the theatrical or spectacular sense of the term” -Mario Murgia

A tantalizing excerpt from Joaquin Perez Azaustre’s new novel “The Swimmers” in translation by Lucas Lynde


Javier Marias’ “The Infatuations” translated by Margaret Jull Costa is ‘no mere formulaic thriller’

The Complete Review assesses Jang Jung-il’s “When Adam Opens his Eyes,” the first in DA’s Korean Library series

Ellman Crasnow & Bente Elsworth bring us the medieval Hebrew poetry of Meir of Norwich

Angela Woodward considers Magdalena Tulli’s body of work including her latest novel “In Red” translated by Bill Johnston

[George Economou] “has now presented us a new translation of C. P. Cavafy with no wasted words”

For a gripping narrative and a harrowing read, pick up “Monsieur le Commandant” by Romain Slocombe trans by Jesse Browner


Acclaimed writer Emma Donoghue provides insight into the special relationship between authors & their translators

“…to seek an appropriate metaphor for translation is to seek a metaphor for a metaphor…” -Carol Maier

“I was fascinated by translated poetry from other languages because…it didn’t have such a restricted system and didn’t sound ‘perfect.'” -Dunya Mikhail

“A poet must write about the plight and the pain of the people,” says Afghanistan’s most famous poet


Announcing the winners of the 2013 science fiction & fantasy translation award

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Links Round Up 8/19-8/23

Reading & Discussion

“A translator is the most observant reader.” -Agata Tuszynska and her translators, more here

“Good or bad, the only way to find out what you’re missing is to read [these works] in translation.”

Always important to read as much world lit as possible! Read a review of Chaudhuri’s “Calcutta” here

Check out Literature Across Frontiers (LAF): “Making Literature Travel,” curating literary conversation & translation

Nobel Prize laureate Mo Yan explores the role of translation in today’s literary world w/ Syrian-born poet Adonis

“Granddad used to tell us how once he’d been hiding for three days inside the belly of a horse…” -Doina Ioanid

“To learn a language you must replace and repeat” -Hiromi Itō, from his poem “The Maltreatment of Meaning”

What did Camus understand about the Middle East? Until now, English readers couldn’t be sure.

Get to know Finnish poet, Risto Oikarinen

Always fun posts to check out over on the WWB Tumblr

Why publish e-books? They are the future of literary translation, some think.


“Too often translation is discussed in terms of loss.” Another interesting discussion on Thirlwell’s new book


Edinburgh International Book Festival announces major new poetry prize!

Apply now for the Witter Bynner Poet Translator Residency

Submission deadline upcoming! August 31, submit your translation to The Exiles

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Links Roundup, August 12 – 16


Congratulations to all of the 2013 PEN Literary Award winners!

Call for submissions: frankmatter journal.

Celebrate ten years with Words Without Borders, October 29 in NYC.

Submit your work to Isthmus, translations welcome.

“An oasis for poetry translators to work,” sounds good… Witter Bynner Poetry Translation Residency, apply by 8/31.

Translation to be highlighted at Book Expo America 2014.



“A great take on the epistolary form,” a review of Iselin C. Hermann’s Special Delivery.

“The Sinistra Zone is neither an easy nor an enjoyable read. It is, however, an interesting one.”

“The translation is remarkable and adroit,” Fiona Sze-Lorrain reviews Theme of Farewell and After-Poems.

“Juliet Winters Carpenter and Ann Sherif have created a translation that is smooth, evocative, and modern.”


Readings & Discussions

“Cool Swedish Titles from Finland,” at the Swedish Book Review.

“I assure you that every competent translator has to be a writer, because that is what we do.” -Edith Grossman

RT @TranslatedWorld: Let’s make it standard practice to give the translator’s name immediately after the author’s. #translatorsmatter

“we all know the rough path / first the impossible desire / for the prince (doll in formal attire)”

“If they make a good team, [the author and the translator] can really get into each other’s mind.”

Scottish poets, Iraqi poets, and the phrase “bridge translator”… you can see where this is going.

“I’ll invent things so not to get confused. / Count my steps / or bite my lower lip savoring the slight pain”

Translation is a derivative art… Intralingo clears up some misperceptions.

“I part the sea in two—the poem / always one step from the abyss.”

A Conversation with Translators Frank Wynne and Peter Bush…

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Call for Submissions

frankmatter, an online literary journal since June 2013, invites submissions of translations from all literatures.

We publish concert, performance, and book reviews, poems, excerpts from novels, stories, plays, graphic novels, photographs, essays, marginalia, found art, & correspondence from all over. We are especially interested in dispatches from/about places & literatures that are overlooked, lesser-known, or misunderstood; cross-genre & genre-convention-bending work; micro and oral history; and the documentary. 

For more info, see or write <>.

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Links Round-Up Aug 5-9

New short fiction by Cesar Aira in translation by Alfred Mac Adam

Words Without Borders’ August issue is here, with a focus on Brazil

A powerful poem by Kiril Medvedev in translation by Keith Gessen with Isabel Lane

A poignant discussion of bilingualism

A commercial translator’s perspective on her foray into literary translation

A poetry portfolio by Yolanda Castano, multiple translators

The depths and heights of translating (and interpreting).

Is it part of the professional translator’s role to act as cultural ambassador? Food for thought

Ilya Kaminsky interviews Ghassan Zaqtan & his translator Fady Joudah on the Poetry Foundation’s podcast

Esther Allen & Susan Bernofsky Eds. of the new collection “In Translation” tackle all kinds of fascinating topics

Slavic language translator Will Firth sees himself as more of a philologist

Basim al-Ansar discusses Iraqi and Arabic poetry, and poetry’s global elite audience

Chad W. Post says Joao Almino’s “Book of Emotions” is your prototypical Dalkey Archive book-but we like DA don’t we?

The Complete Review assesses Pedro Mairal’s “The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra,” New Vessel Press’ first release

Natsuo Kirino retells Japan’s creation myth from the woman’s perspective in “The Goddess Chronicle,” translated by Rebecca Copeland

Goliarda Sapienza’s tome “The Art of Joy” now available in English translation by Anne Milano Appel

“While one could place this under the subgenre of fiction about the [Colombian] War on Drugs, [Juan Gabriel Vasquez's] ‘The Sound of Things Falling’ would be a peculiar entry” for its relative lack of violence

News and Announcements
PEN International announces the longlist for the inaugural New Voices award

Sobering news from the Brazilian publishing industry

Don’t forget to send us your announcements for the ALTA Newsletter due Aug 15th!

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